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Forming your family through adoption

Whether you have located a child on your own or are seeking help in finding a baby, Dexter & Moffet can help. With over 20 years of adoption experience, you can be confident that the legal and practical aspects of your adoption will be handled competently. We will work with you to finalize your adoption. We handle interstate adoptions and Indian Child Welfare Act placements.

How do I get started?

It's easy! Call Dexter & Moffet at 503-582-9010 and request a Prospective Client Packet. If you have some preliminary questions, one of the attorneys will answer them before you proceed. Inside the packet will be an informative letter with instructions on creating a birth mother portfolio, as well as an adoption information form and fee agreement to fill out and return. Once we have received yourt information we can set up an in-office appointment or telephone conference to begin the process.

How long will it take?

This depends on many factors. Most adoptions take 4-6 months to finalize once the Petition for Adoption is filed. However, in an infant adoption, locating a birth mother can take anywhere from a few days to many months. Once found, the time line depends on how far along your birth mother is in her pregnancy.

Where do I get a Homestudy?

A Homestudy verifies information about you and your family. The Oregon Department of Human Services has contracted with several Oregon adoption agencies to complete pre-placement Homestudies for Oregon adoptive families. If you live outside of Oregon, your out-of-state Homestudy will be reviewed and approved by one of the Oregon agencies. Dexter & Moffet will help you arrange for the Homestudy and/or approval process.

What if I already know a birth mother who wants to place with me?

Great! We can gather social and medical background information from your birth mother. We will arrange for her to be represented by an attorney and draw up the appropriate legal documents. We will make arrangements with the doctor and hospital so the placement goes smoothly.

What if I'm single?

Oregon allows single people and non-traditional families to adopt.

What if we don't live in Oregon?

Families from other states can adopt in Oregon as long as the child or the birth parent have lived in Oregon for a least six months before placement. In some circumstances, it may be best to finalize your adoption in your home state. We can help you make that determination.

What about adoption advertising?

Oregon law allows adoption advertising (including newspaper ads, business cards, and internet posting). Before placing an ad, adoptive families must have an approved homestudy and be represented by an Oregon attorney. We can help you with your advertising. (See our section on advertising to explain this option further).


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