Agency Adoptions

We help you understand the process

Adopting through a licensed adoption agency can be a wonderful experience. If you have chosen an agency, we can guide you through the legal process. We provide an unbiased explanation of agency adoption procedures and help develop a legally secure plan tailored to your individual needs.

Dexter & Moffet can review and negotiate adoption agency contracts to ensure your interests are served. We can clarify your options for post-placement arrangements with birth parents and draft or review an agreement to ensure your interests and the child's interests are protected. We will finalize your agency adoption in a timely and secure manner. Many agency adoptions can be finalized for an affordable flat fee. For more information on agency adoptions you can also visit the "American Adoptions" web site.

Most international adoptions are handled through adoption agencies that have contacts in the foreign country. At Dexter & Moffet we can finalize your international adoption. If your adoption is finalized in the child's country of origin, we can process an Oregon re-adoption and obtain an Oregon birth certificate for you.


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