Surrogacy / ART

Help in forming your family through technology

Surrogacy occurs when a woman becomes pregnant for the purpose of carrying a child for intended parents. A traditional surrogate uses her own egg and the intended father's sperm. A woman is called a gestational surrogate in situations when she becomes pregnant using a donor egg fertilized outside her womb.

ART stands for Assisted Reproductive Technology. ART includes all fertility treatments where egg and sperm are combined in the laboratory and returned to the woman's body. The woman can be the egg donor or an unrelated gestational carrier.

Dexter and Moffet provides professional, personalized service to clients who are either intended parents or surrogates. Pregnancy can occur through traditional surrogacy or gestational surrogacy. We help intended parents locate and screen a qualified surrogate. We also assist intended parents and surrogates who have located each other outside our office.

Before beginning medical procedures, the intended parents and surrogate will enter into a contract with each other which sets out each party's obligations in their mutual goal of achieving pregnancy, birth, and legal parenthood. Your contract will cover such issues as surrogate compensation, health and life insurance, non-covered medical expenses, medical screening, psychological evaluations, and attorney fees.

Dexter and Moffet will help you during the contract creation process and the subsequent legal process required to establish the intended parents legal relationship to the child.

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